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I never knew I had the photographer bug in me until I had my first daughter. I guess you can say she brings out the artist in me. I learned shooting and editing techniques by taking a picture of her (literally) every day for the first year of her life, project 365. I guess you can say I am now “Photography Obsessed”!

Why the name BMae? The name Mae runs in the family. I had a wonderful grandmother who was an avid photographer as well whose name was Shirley Mae and my daughter’s name is Brynlee Mae. You could say photography runs in my family from my grandmother Shirley Mae to my godmother Mary Ann. These amazing, strong women capture lots of photos of our loved ones which in turn helped our family through some very tough times in our lives. I am also very lucky to have parents who have taught me that the sky is the limit and have always supported me.

Why the tiger swallowtail butterfly in the logo? My grandfather passed away recently and we were very close. I grew up on our family farm with my grandparents as my neighbors and saw them every day. They taught me many things about life. When my grandpa passed away for about a week I had a tiger swallowtail butterfly following me and my daughter around. I like to think it is his way of letting us know he is watching over us.

I specialize in photographing newborns, kiddos, families and weddings, but am not afraid to try something new too! My style is candid, carefree and creative! I want my photos to capture moments and inspire memories so you and your loved ones can have them forever.


Until I really became serious about photography I was clueless about all the equipment, costs, time and energy involved in the business. After learning so much I have found a balance for my time, equipment and my client's investment.

What you are investing in:

Equipment and Software
I shoot with a Nikon D300 and have a variety of lenses to help capture those perfect images. Not only are the camera body and lenses important, but there are many other gadgets and gizmos in my bag of tricks that help me improve the quality of an image. I also work extensively with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Creative Session
I strive to create a custom session for each of my clients. I want to incorporate your own ideas and suggest some of mine to make the session special and memorable. I also have a variety of "props" that can be used for sessions. I am a fast shooter, meaning I can get a lot done in 1-2 hours! I learned from my two little ones to shoot fast because if I didn't I would miss that "happy window". Usually in one hour I have 300 raw images. I also know it takes some time for everyone to warm up to the camera so shots are genuine. I like to make the session fun and relaxing. I work best in an outside environment capturing candid moments or in the comfort of my clients home.

After the photo session is when the bulk of the work begins. On average, for every hour I shoot, I spend 6-8 hours editing. I edit the images with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom using a variety of actions and presets from very creative "photogs".

Prices include:
-Creative session and prep-Professional editing
-A CD of ALL images (around 30 images)
-A copyright release-Online hosting of your gallery

Photography Fees:Newborns: $350
Babies & Toddlers: $275
Families(2+): $350
Engagements: $300
Weddings: $2500+ (please contact for more info)*open to other sessions and ideas as well!

Because I limit myself to a few sessions a month please book several months in advance to secure your spot.

Thank you for your interest!

Bridget Mae